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Clear Spring Self-Instructional Materials (Paper-Based and Videotape)

Overview of Products

Clear Spring has created a variety of paper-based self-instructional courses, ranging from one hour to six hours in duration. Courses have addressed topics including off-the-shelf software (in custom, organization-specific usage), custom software applications, and administrative processes and procedures. Software courses have been designed for use in conjunction with the software itself, and have included extensive scenario-based walkthroughs of system-related tasks, as well as independent exercises with fully supported solutions. Courses have included intermittent exercises for retention as well as self-scoring mastery tests. Clear Spring has also created technical instructional videotapes.

Project Listing

For small non-profit organization: Clear Spring developed a videotape treatment and script for a 12-minute videotape from existing videotaped interviews and other footage.

For a large government agency: Clear Spring developed a one-hour self-instructional booklet presenting basic definitions and concepts behind specialized contract processing.

For a large government agency: Clear Spring designed and developed a six-hour self-instructional guide for users of a PC-based property management system. The guide can also be used as participant guide in a facilitated classroom delivery.

For a moderate-size government organization: Clear Spring developed two sets of self- instructional materials on the use of spreadsheet software, one for a Windows-based product, and, a year later, one for a Windows95-based product. These materials were tailored for the types of spreadsheets used in the organization, which had previously relied on DOS-based software. Each set of materials included self-instructional guides (requiring about four hours) and one-hour criterion-referenced tests. Job aids were developed as well for use after course completion.

For a large association of financial organizations: Clear Spring developed a self-instructional manual, video scenarios, and a mastery test to support a video-based self-training program on a new trust product.

For a large industry association under a government grant: Clear Spring designed an instructional videotape designed to inform drivers of heavy trucks about the safe operation of antilock brakes (ABS). Focus groups with drivers were held to determine what truck drivers already know and what they want to know about ABS.

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