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Clear Spring Studies and Consulting Services

Overview of Products

Clear Spring has brought its expertise in all aspects of the instructional systems design process to the problems and needs of many organizations. Focus groups with users have been held as a standard part of numerous projects; and field testing, pilots, and both formal and informal field tests and validations have been held for Clear Spring products. In addition, Clear Spring staff have provided isolated consulting services in all of the areas of ISD. Clear Spring staff have performed front-end analyses to identify training or performance needs, media analyses to determine the appropriate medium to meet identified needs, coaching in creative, interactive instructional design to support instructors and designers, and overall analyses and strategic planning to respond to larger organizational needs.

Project Listing

For various industry partners: Clear Spring has on-going relationships with several training consulting firms to provide consulting services to executive, management, and business-development staff on diverse issues including executive search and staff recruiting; competitor analyses and benchmarking; competitive bid analysis, strategy and partnering, proposal development, and red team reviews; project and contract management processes; and other industry-related issues. Clear Spring has also assisted in the identification and acquisition of niche-market businesses for large management and technology consulting firms.

For a moderate size government organization: Clear Spring performed a study of the current agency training and technology base, assessing the applicability of training delivery by CBT or other technology-based method in meeting the agency's needs. Based on this study, Clear Spring identified important components for a long-term strategy for CBT implementation and identified agency potential for the use of other distance-learning technologies. Finally, Clear Spring made specific short-term recommendations for a short-term strategy for CBT implementation.

For a large government organization: Clear Spring developed a comprehensive training plan in anticipation of the implementation of an entirely new, comprehensive software system that will support all department procurement and contract administrative functions. In conjunction with this plan, Clear Spring also created a comprehensive guide for assessing the training materials being provided by the software vendor (including all media from paper to classroom to CBT).

For a large government organization: Clear Spring conducted an analysis of the information management capabilities required for project managers performing a variety of different administrative functions within OPM, and reviewed and recommended alternative software to meet identified needs.

For a large government organization: Clear Spring studied the training administration and training information center functions, documenting the agency's current processes, performance objectives, and data needs; surveying other Federal agencies for "Best Practices" in similar functions; and recommending streamlined processes and tools.

For a major producer of network products: Clear Spring performed an analysis of the accessibility and effectiveness of training materials promulgated by their competitors.

For a moderate size government agency: Clear Spring developed an electronic data entry format and instructions to support nomination and acceptance of multimedia products for a centralized library, and assisted in the identification and evaluation of candidate products.

For a government organization: Clear Spring developed a series of documents to support the customers and the Contracting Officers Technical Representatives for a specialized agency contract vehicle. Clear Spring also developed a document explaining to agency personnel the process by which they can (and are expected to) identify and help prioritize training needs.

For a commercial consulting firm: Clear Spring conducted a needs analysis and redesign of a three-day training curriculum for customer service representatives providing 24-hour travel, financial, and medical services by telephone. The redesign reduced lecture events, increased hands-on activities, and provided a process and template for client trainers to perform additional redesign. Clear Spring also coached the instructor team on classroom skills.

For a large industrial trade association: Clear Spring developed instructional design standards for association-wide seminar materials, coached instructors on the development of interactive activities, and assessed the applicability of distance learning technologies to various seminar content.

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